Tax Party/Preparation

It’s tax season! Make sure you’ve got everything you need to file your taxes correctly and maximizing all deductions and credits (in a legit way that will allow you to sleep at night 🙂 ).
If you have personal taxes and/or if you are self-employed, bring all your stuff and we will prepare and file your taxes.  Ensure you are onside with the government while keeping as much money in your pocket as possible!

1 Sole Proprietor/Freelance/Artist + Individual: $225 + HST
1 Sole Proprietor/Freelance/Artist + Couple/Family: $325 + HST
2 Sole Proprietors/Freelance/Artist + Couple/Family $400 + HST
HST/GST Return: $55 + HST
Individual: $180 + HST
Couple/Family: $250 + HST
Rental Property add on: $100 + HST


Tax Planning

Tax Planning Session- Personal: $250 + HST personal

Throughout the year, you may need to get some advice on how to manage your money for tax purposes! I’m here to help. Examples include: Planning around a severance, bonus,  EI/Mat Leave etc.

Tax Planning Session- Sole Proprietor $350 + HST

This would be a meeting throughout the year. If you want to whip your books into shape and make sure that you are prepared for tax season so that your accountant doesn’t want to shoot you. Also, make sure you have enough in the bank to pay your taxes and your HST/GST!!