Client Service Support 
Full-Time Position – Toronto, Ontario – Fall 2018

The New School of Finance is growing and we need a new client service support person.

About Us

We are a kick-ass “fee-only” financial planning firm in Toronto. We offer awesome, accessible and affordable financial planning advice and advocate for financial literacy through speaking engagements, workshops and online courses. We make finances rad.

In our practice, we offer unbiased cash management, portfolio assessment, tax planning, retirement planning and small business advice to professionals, families, retirees and entrepreneurs.

We do not sell any financial products at all. Period, full stop. We are 100% unbiased and proud of it.

Job Description

This is a front-line role where you get to deal with current or prospective clients every day! A client-first attitude is non-negotiable. Your job is to help support the client service team to ensure that all financial meetings between clients and financial planners run as smoothly as possible from the enquiry stage to the follow up. It’s kind of like financial meeting event planning: There are lots of details, lots of clients with a big party (a successful financial meeting) at the end.

The successful candidate will be empathetic and understands that money can be stressful and hard for a lot of folks regardless of how much they have or don’t have. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make the whole process non-threatening and as much fun as possible.

This job is also very detail oriented (Virgos, rejoice). You’ll need to bring your detail-oriented A-game every day.

To be successful in this position, this candidate must be a team player and should also have excellent oral and written communication skills. We’ve learned that the most successful candidates in this role love people. Truly, truly love people. New School of Finance clients are absolutely amazing and they deserve the very best service from us! Are you this person? We hope so!!!!


  1. Friendly reminders for clients (via email or phone) to encourage them to send in their completed meeting preparation documents.
  2. Help clients fill out documentation if and when they have questions.
  3. Review of those documents to make sure we have everything we need so our financial planners can hit it out of the ballpark in the meeting.
  4. Directing clients as to how to reschedule their meetings as well as manual rescheduling when necessary.
  5. Assisting with fielding new client enquiries and processing new bookings.
  6. Assisting with ascertaining best fit between our clients’ financial planning needs and all our services.
  7. Maintaining client confidentiality at all times.
  8. In charge of the bi-monthly deposit
  9. Updating and maintaining our Wait List so we can get clients in faster if possible.
  10. Covering for other Client Service team members when they go away on vacation! (They cover you when you go too!)
  11. Upholding our client service protocol process at all times and offering feedback on how we can do things faster or better! We love input!
  12. Assisting the team with Client Service projects when they arise

Skills and Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree or diploma. We don’t care what you studied. Come one, come all!

Passion for helping people, you have to genuinely care.

Be keen! A keen interest in and desire to learn more about all things money related.

Self-Starting. Are you able to kind of, just, jump in and get your hands dirty? Woot! We are a small business and we all wear a bunch of hats when we need to row the boat together as a team.

You have to be a Microsoft Office ninja. Excel is our life. Powerpoint is our life. Word is our life.

You have to be somewhat tech savvy or at least willing to bone up! We use WordPress, Mailchimp, Photoshop, Canva, Google Docs, Acuity to name a few.

Passion for written and verbal communication.

Detail oriented. This is probably one of the most important parts of the job. A lot of information will fly past your (optional standing) desk.

This is a full-time (30-40 hours per week) salaried position paying $20/hour to start with 3 weeks vacation and will be eligible to participate in New School of Finance’s health benefit program.

Start date:

Fall 2018.

Work Environment

We operate out of Workplace One at Queen St West and Bathurst in downtown Toronto. Suits are not required nor expected. We have an inclusive, safe and fun culture and we are a tight team. Our office is family friendly (legit, our Founder and CEO just had the cutest baby ever) and we are all keen to have a work-life balance (except during tax time when we are all running around like wild.)

How to apply?

Please send an email with to booking@newschooloffinance.com with:

  2. Please put your cover letter in the body of the email
  3. Please attach your resume to the email

Please note that while we are so appreciative of everyone’s application, only candidates who are requested for interviews will be contacted.